Methodist English High School Rangoon, Reunion 2020 (London)

ဒဂုံ-၁ ကျောင်းသား/သူဟောင်းများ ပြန်လည်တွေ့ဆုံပွဲ

5 September 2020, Royal Lancaster London Hotel

MEHS Rangoon, Burma (present Dagon-1) Reunion အခန်းအနား တက်ရောက်မည့်ဧည့်သည်များ အတွက် VISITA Travel က ဗြိတိန် နှင့် ဥရောပ ခရီးစဥ်များ အထူးစီစဥ်ထားပါသည်။

VISITA Travel သည် အင်္ဂလန်နိုင်ငံ လန်ဒန်မြို့တွင် တရားဝင် မှတ်ပုံတင်ထားသည့် ခရီးသွားဝန်ဆောင်မှုလုပ်ငန်း ဖြစ်ပါသည်။

There will be 3 tours programme with 2 pre-event tours in UK and 1 post-event tour in Europe.


Visiting 3 countries – England, Scotland and Wales in 9 days.
Start date: 26-Aug (arrival day),
Finish date: 03-Sep evening.

The combination of England, Scotland and Wales is called Britain (ဗြိတိန်). Joining this tour will take you to many important, interesting and wonderful places in Britain from the Shakespeare’s birthplace to the Manchester United Stadium, from the unversities of Oxford and Cambridge to the Stonehenge circles. Rest assured, it will be the highlights of your journey.

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Visiting around the city of London with the vintage Lodon bus like in the old days.
Date: 4-Sep (morning)

London bus is one of the souveniors every tourist buys. You will have the best experience of London sightseeing with views from the capital’s famous bus. You will be taken back into the old days. The tour lasts about 3 hours, and limited to the first 70 persons only. It will be a fun.

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Tour 3: EUROPE TOUR – 13 Days

Visiting 6 countries – France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands & Belgium in 12 Days.
Start date: 6-Sep, Finish date: 18-Sep

We have arranged this tour for those who wish to extend their dreamed-holidays to other European cities. You will get to see the beauty of Eiffel Tower, the heritages of Roman empire, the snow capped mountain, the famous Belgium Chocolate, the narrow canals and many more are all in this programme.

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How to visit Europe

Visa and Travel Arrangements

For those attending from Myanmar, we are the only agent recognised by the MEHS reunion event committee to provide the required travel arragements including the UK visa applications, flight bookings, hotels bookings, airport pickup/transfers and exclusive pre and post tours programme within UK and Europe.

Our office is in London, England, with our representatives in Yangon and Mandalay to take care of your visa preparations right at your door.

For any questions you may have about the event or travel info, please contact Ko Myo at VISITA Travel.
Viber: +44 7557 333525
Email: [email protected]
or via the contact form below.

These are our happy memories from Myanmar Doctors and Dentists Global Reunion in 2016. VISITA Travel organised the same Britain and Europe 6 countries tours … Wonderful trips …

Please fill in the form below to register your interest. Or please call +44 7557 333525 on viber if you have an urgent question.

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